Plan Your Raleigh HVAC Tune-Up Today.

To forestall air conditioning issues, customary upkeep is vital. With only one check up visit each year, you’ll appreciate benefits like better air quality, further developed energy effectiveness, and less shock fixes. Assuming you’re searching for a legit evaluation of your home’s AC or heater, call your companions at 24×7 Inc Services .

We’ll be out as soon as today to follow through with the task. We vow to never sell you parts you needn’t bother with. Also, you can continuously depend on our suggestions.


  • Diminishes energy bills and the gamble of breakdowns
  • Upgrades framework productivity and life expectancy
  • Only $59 for our particular air conditioning adjust

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Can't deal with fixes? Join our protect support plan

At last! An upkeep plan for individuals who love setting aside cash and disdain shock fix bills. Pursue 24/7 Inc Service’s Home Consideration Program and get advantages such as….

  • Yearly reserve funds between $800-$900 all things considered
  • Complete home assurance (central air, plumbing and electrical)
  • Quick and simple recharges on maker’s guarantees

What's included in a $59 tune-up from 24x7 Inc Services?

Indoor Unit Tasks:

  1. Disinfect work area
  2. Check thermostat
  3. Confirm system operation
  4. Clean/replace/inspect air filter
  5. Clean and inspect cabinet interior and exterior
  6. Clean and inspect blower, blower motor, and blower compartment
  7. Spray disinfectant inside blower compartment and return
  8. Clean and inspect coil & pan & condensate drain
  9. Check capacitor and all wiring/connections
  10. Visual inspection of circuit boards
  11. Check power switch or service disconnect
  12. Check for proper voltage supply
  13. Check all safeties are functioning
  14. Check motor amps
  15. Check for CO and smoke detection and safety
  16. Visual inspection of all duct connections

Outdoor Unit Tasks:

  1. Confirm operation
  2. Remove and inspect disconnect
  3. Clean and inspect inside cabinet and coil
  4. Visually inspect fan blades and motor
  5. Clean coil and unit with water & hose
  6. Tighten and check all wiring and connections
  7. Inspect and test capacitor
  8. Inspect hard start or start assist
  9. Check compressor and condenser fan amps and ratings
  10. Verify all safeties are connected and working
  11. Inspect refrigerant lines and valves and ensure they're capped properly
  12. Review age, condition, efficiency, and expected problems, concerns